Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brandos Costumes at Barbican

Barbican Film

Revolution, Film and the Female: Mild Manners (Brandos Costumes) (PG) + Panel Discussion

16:00 / UK premiere of a rare and fascinating exposé of the dictatorship and its colonial credence

25 April 2010
Cinema 1

"Screened from a rare 35mm film print from the cinemateque in Lisbon, the film will be followed by a discussion on the politics of artistic representation of dictatorship, colonialism and the female.

Mild Manners (Brandos Costumes) (PG)

Like the Portugal held for decades by an authoritarian dictatorship, the female characters in this film are trapped in a decaying bourgeois mausoleum controlled by a dictatorial father figure. Shot almost entirely before the revolution, this film was certainly destined for the censors unforgiving scissors.

The revolution allowed it to flourish and through the inclusion of unforeseen archive footage it became an exposé of the dictatorship and its colonial credence.

Profoundly influenced by Italian Neo-Realism and the French Nouvelle Vague, this is a fascinating, beautifully shot film, with a complex and unusual soundtrack.

Portugal 1975 Dir. Alberto Seixas Santos 75 min.
In Portugues with English subtitles

Curated by Filmville in partnership with the
Embassy of Portugal in London and the

Portuguese Cinematheque"C

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