Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost Theatre: A Fortnight of Portuguese Culture

"LOST Theatre presents

'A Fortnight of Portuguese Culture'

As LOST begins its new life in the area the company wishes to celebrate the fact that Stockwell is host to the biggest Portuguese and Cape Verdean community in Europe outside of Portugal.

Over two weeks LOST will be host to a variety of events celebrating Portuguese and Cape Verdean culture. With Theatrical productions performed and inspired by Portuguese & Cape Verdean artists, Music by local singers and musicians, Arts exhibitions by local artists and films in original language subtitled in English.

‘A Fortnight of Portuguese Culture’ will also host the UK premiere of 'Kontinuasom'. This full-length documentary, written in Crioulo language, takes us on a journey through Cape Verdean music. It is an identity hallmark for Cape Verdeans both in the archipelago and abroad. This screening will aim to raise funds for cooperative projects conducted by the NGO ASAD in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau.

Dates: Mon 19th of April to Sun 2nd of May 2010"

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